Krishna Nagar Vistar,Benad Road, Jaipur-302024

About Us

School Uniform

The School uniform is simple, comfortable and hygienic with maintaining strict uniformity in shades, stitching, and clothing. Students must attend the school in following prescribed school uniform.

Girls Uniform

  • Pointing Plain White Kurta, Gray Salwar, Gray Dupatta (for Senior Girls Only)
  • Pointing Plain White Half Sleeves Shirt and T-Shirt According House wise with Gray and White Skirts (for Middle Girls)
  • Pointing Gray Tunic with Plain White Half Sleeves Shirt
  • Pointing Buckled shoes (black and white pairs) with Strip's Shocks
  • Pointing Hair Bands/Rubber
  • Pointing Blazer (in winters) Tie-Belt

Boys Uniform

  • Pointing Gray and White Shorts Trousers with Plain White Half Sleeve Shirt and Lemon Colour T-Shirt
  • Pointing Round Toe Shoes (black and white pairs) with strip's Shocks
  • Pointing Blazer (in winters) Tie-Belt

School Calendar & Timing

Pointing The academic year is from 1" April to 31" March every year

Pointing Summer Timing : (1st April to Mid May and 1st July to 30th November)-7:50 AM to 1:50 PM

Pointing Winter Timing : (1" December to 31" March) 8:50 AM to 2:50 PM.