Exuberance - Celebrating Indian culture

These cultural celebration foster morals and some of the enduring lessons that aim to raise the bar of decency, as well as the pursuit of excellence in our students. Life is lot more than books and bags, keeping this in view, some important varied and vigorous cultural celebrations are held in their traditional manner Exuberance, not surprisingly, is to be one of the best cultural celebrations in the world. Students are praised and awarded by eminent dignitaries for their exceptional Endeavour during various prestigious occasion such as: NCC.NSS. National Importance Days.

The Societies and Clubs

The students are given an opportunity to indulge in a wide range of hobbies of their choice by other means of learning. The societies and clubs encourage the social. literary and cultural development of the students such as Debating, Dramatics, classical music, sculpture and so on. The societies and clubs offer students enough challenge and adventure to shape and develop their Personalities. School is providing a variety of well-planned programs like musical evenings, plays and concerts under the table guidance of artists and dignitaries.

Games Overview

Our school also ensures a well structured, sports curriculum is in place at the school to the physical development of our students. Our school offers numerous opportunities to excel their talent and experience a variety of sports without seeking favours and easy popularity the full of being fair, firm and honest. Vasant Valley sling opportunities to its students to participate at national level tournaments and events to produces winners regularly over the years.


Indian environment of sharing and caring We provide ample opportunities for our students to exhibit their very best hidden talent in various art forms thereby gaining an insight into our cultural and tradition It will assist them to realize their potential and enhance positive traits with overall personality development in an environment of unfettered and free of constrains.

Code of discipline

House captains, their assistants, tutors. monitors and prefects using red and yellow cards help to maintain discipline through the Discipline Committee in school and all matters of indiscipline are reported to the Principal for final decision. Corporal punishment is strictly forbidden. All the students, irrespective of age or responsibility, are expected to adhere to the laid down code and standards of discipline in school.

Educational Tours and Trips

Visiting and knowing the unhidden treasury of this beautiful nature is always extremely popular among all student which sensitize them about it's conservation. To meet the above alms, our school is a unique place which organizes a large number of educational trips, camps, sightseeing tours, and treks during the whole year according to their interest Students are regularly taken outdoor regularly this makes them familiar their surrounding with nature. Nature walks and field trips add adventure to their life create a desire to explore new thin things These trips are fully planned and supervised through reliable tour operators with trusted staff. Students have visited Chandigarh, Shimla, Kufri, Nainital, Udaipur, Mt Abu over the years.