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Welcome to Vasant Valley School

Vasant Valley is a perfect place to unlock the mysterious secrets of our students through its physical training and yoga, innovative assemblies, classroom teaching, hobbies development programs, games facility, social service, well equipped science laboratories, art and craft workshops and through library as well.

Providing Indian ethos and Indian cultural backdrop with assured job oriented skills was the Nobel principle behind founding Vasant Valley. We are known to attend the service with equal devotion and zeal. Vasant Valley fashioned out to educate generations of future with a modern curriculum with modern courses that were Indian in essence.

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Dear Parents

Most Welcome once again to stress free, joyful & creative environment of advanced learning with 12+ years of academic excellence. Vasant Valley is your Happiest Education partner, where students love to learn, where all the fun begin and where your child's journey to a great future start.

English Medium

Strictly English Medium environment with sprawling modern amenities

Smart Class Rooms

Well furnished audio visual smart class rooms for pre primary school

Practical Education

Focus on practical education through Mock test , GD, Debats, Seminars, fairs


Sports ,Digital Class Rooms, Education trips, CCTV with Hytech Physical / Mental Safety

Recent Blogs

10 Jun 2021

Online Classes will resume w.e.f June 10, 2021

Online classes resumed w.e.f June 10, 2021. Please register below given link to access your class

07 Jun 2021

Admissions Open for 2021 - 22 session

Admissions open for 2021-22 from NURS, KG PREP to XII ( Arts , Commerce, Science ).

24 Jun 2020

Waived off School fee from April - June

School management waived off all 800 students fee for first quarter April - June due to COVID - 19 financial crises.

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Notice Board

Dear Parents....

Sadar Pranam

Welcome to the Valley of Vasant which is full of knowledge, morality and happiness in all aspects.

We are pleased to inform you that admissions are in progress for the new session 2021-22 from Nursery to 12th std.( Science, Commerce, Arts)

Kindly convey about new admissions to all your dear ones & neighbours. 

You need to support your beloved Vasant Valley School family during Critical pandemic Covid-19 period.

We are highly obliged to you for your unconditional love and support.

For more details kindly contact to following mobile no.


With regards

Vasant Valley School Jaipur

Dear Parents/Students... 

         Sadar Pranam..

As you already know that our school's live online classes will resume from this Thursday, 10th of June for the new session 2021-22.

Online classes will be conducted through our school's website ( ) and android application both (with the name of Vasant Valley School Jaipur available on Play Store)

No need to re-register yourself once again on our school's website and application (if you have already enrolled during previous year.

If any student has not registered himself/herself still, kindly enroll yourself timely. 

 Registration process to get access of live online classes; 

Kindly follow the steps given below;

First of all, on your PC/Laptop connected with internet, you need to visit our school's website on 'Google' with the name '', thereafter, click on E-learning tab/icon/section.

Than, kindly sign up by providing some common details i.e. student's name, his/her class, mobile number/Email Id to get your user id with setting your own password. 

Each student will be enrolled through OTP verification by providing his/her specific mobile number.

OTP takes few seconds sometimes, kindly wait for and verify.

If you have not received OTP, no need to worry, We will update your Username ID directly.

It simply means, there should be any one specific mobile number to enroll each student separately...(one student- one mobile number) 

It is just for mobile OTP verification related to security purpose only... nothing else..

That's why, you are advised to sign up through 1, 2 or 3 different mobile numbers (not mobile phones) separately in case of more than one child is studying in our school...(if needed) 

 It simply means that your specific Mobile no. or Specific Email I'd will be your username Id with your own password set by you yourself while sign up process earlier for each of the student separately. 

Simply, all the registrations (for siblings) can be done through one mobile phone by entering different mobile numbers. 

You and your siblings can take live online classes on one mobile phone also by entering different user name/password after the logout by the earlier one at their different classes timings.* 

After getting approval by school administration, you will be notify and able to access your account continuously.

You need to login with your own user ID, Password prepared recently each time to access the digital content of your ward further.

You can also enroll/register yourself through mobile phone on our school's android application as well by repeating the same process explained above .

On the sign-up icon of login page of our android application in mobile phone, you need to repeat the same process.

For any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.. feel free and positive at all..

We hope you all will understand and support to our advanced and upgraded system for the better experience of online learning.

Stay home # Stay safe

Say No to Panic # Say Yes to Precaution

We are sorry for any inconvenience arises..

For any kind of further assistance, kindly contact on following Mobile nos.


Let's come together united and defeat Covid-19...

Dear Parents/Students

Sadar Pranam..


As you already know that your live online classes are going to be starting from this Thursday, (10/06/21).

Therefore, you are further informed that online classes of your ward will be conducted between 8 AM to 1 PM daily through our school's website, and our school's android application both (with the name of Vasant Valley School Jaipur available on Play Store)

If you wish to take these live online classes on your Desktop(PC), You need to arrange a webcam along with a microphone for the purpose of audio visual two way communication.

 If you are using your mobile phone for these classes, Kindly install 'Google Meet' app in your mobile phone from Play Store for the purpose of two way visual communication. 

Finally, you are advised to sit timely at proper and brighter place (Noise free Study Room with stable Table-chair) in your yellow uniform along with required books/notebooks while taking live classes regularly.

Stay formal, disciplined and punctual during these classes. 

Dear Parents/Students... 

         Sadar Pranam..

We are pleased to inform you that our school's live online classes will resume once again from this Thursday, 10th of June for the new session 2021-22.

Online classes will be conducted through our school's website and Android application both.

You need to get User Id/ Password to get access of live classes.

You don't need to re-register yourself once again on our school's website and application, if you have already enrolled during previous year. 

If any student still has not registered himself/herself, kindly enroll yourself on our school's website and install our school's android application from Play Store.

Our subject teachers will teach to their students through live audio-visual explanations of various topics.

You all are advised to help your ward to understand these audio visual digital contents regularly.

Students need to perform, practice, and maintain this whole work in their newly maintained notebooks properly.

Kindly monitor their work daily and make sure their learnings positively.

We expect your kind cooperation and support once again for Vasant Valley school family. 

We believe confidently that you all will accept and encourage our honest and sincere efforts even in really difficult and critical pandemic period with limited resources, you can understand.

If any of our beloved student is unable to access the benefits of these classes due to any reason, kindly inform and request him/her to contact immediately. You don't need to worry at all. 

We will update all relevant information to you time to time regularly. 

Stay connected # Stay updated

Dear Parents/Students

Sadar Pranam....

You are kindly informed that syllabus books of your ward for the new session (2021-22) are available at Laxmi Books & Stationary.

M/S. Mohan ji Sharma


You may purchase syllabus books (NCERT) of 8th std. to 12th std. from any of your neighbouring book stall as well.

Kindly purchase syllabus books and notebooks timely.

As you already know that syllabus has been changed for 10th and 12th board classes only for this new session. Now, NCERT books will their syllabus.

Kindly update yourself that syllabus books for all the classes (except 10th & 12th std.) are similar to previous year with not any change.

Therefore, you can arrange these syllabus books from any of your neighbouring/ known student who is studying in our school.

Follow general instructions given below while purchasing books strictly;

Wear Mask, Sanitize yourself properly, Maintain social distancing (2 mtr. gap), Wash your hands with soap, Follow all instructions/guidelines/latest advisory for prevention of Covid-19 circulated by Govt. of Rajasthan along with central government strictly.

Dear Parents.. 

         Sadar Pranam..

It's our immense pleasure to inform you that all the students have been promoted in their next upper classes on the basis govt. guidelines (Internal assessment)

We congratulate you and your ward both for the sincere efforts and hard work done mutually to achieve this success.

 Promotion certificate will be available to you soon.

Further, we are pleased to inform you that our school's online classes will resume from this Thursday, 10/06/2021.

Online classes timings will be between 8 am to 1 pm daily.

Stay home # Stay safe

Say No to Panic # Say Yes to Precaution

For any kind of further assistance, kindly contact on following Mobile nos.


Let's come together united and defeat Covid-19...

Sincerely Yours

Vasant Valley SS School 


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